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Peacock-Inspired Sculpted Leather Earrings Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of sculpting and painting leather as well as learning to make charms. Because this is a step-by-step tutorial (no time-lapse video), it is about 30 minutes long. In this video, I am using sterling silver. Any metal finding will do, though. Also, though I am using petrified wood beads, any dark brown or black bead will work for the charm.

You Will Need:

Needle nose pliers

Chain nose pliers


X-acto knife

Cutting surface (a cutting board will do)

2 - 3 oz veg tanned leather cut into two strips

Paint brush

(2) head pins (24 gauge)

(2) jump rings (16 gauge)

(2) 3 mm spacer bead

(4) daisy spacers

(2) petrified wood beads

Angelus Leather Paint in:

Pearlescent 18 Karat Gold

Pearlescent Prince Purple

Pearlescent Emerald Green



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