Double Opal Ring

Double Opal Ring

Stunning, fiery opals set in a cool, modern, geometic, almost chain-like setting.  The photo does not do the stones justice (they are photographing a little dark).  Firey embers of orange flash against luminous green over a milky, semi-transparent peach.  Perfect for the lover of more unusual settings, this will surely be your go-to ring!  Perfect to wear on any finger, it also makes an absolutely *stunning* thumb ring!
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    Two approximately 8mm x 5mm east-west set natural Ethiopian opals bezel set in sterling silver. Opals are naturally soft stones, so, like pearls, this should not be a ring that is worn 24/7. To avoid damage from perfume and hairspray, this is a piece of jewelry that should be the last item you put on in the morning, and the first piece you remove before bedtime. Also, remove this ring before applying hand lotion, as lotion can absorb into the stone causing it to dull.

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