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Re-String Your Stretch Bracelet!

Stretch bracelets are absolutely fabulous pieces for every jewelry collection. They are easy to put on. They stack beautifully. The lack of a clasp gives them an “eternity” design. But, the core of stretch bracelets is elastic. And eventually, elastic does fail.

If you wear your stretch bracelet every day, best-case scenario is that you’ll get about a year of wear before you notice that the elastic is losing it’s stretch or that it is starting to fray. Before it breaks (and you have to gather beads), plan to re-string it! It’s easy, it does not take up much time, and the materials you will need don’t take up much space at all.

You will need:

(You can can all of this at your local craft store)

✨Bead board (keeps your beads from rolling off of your work surface, and if you have an intricate design, allows for bead placement).

✨Elastic (any color will do)

✨Collapsable beading needle (or “big eye” needle)

✨Scissors or wire snips

✨Jewelers cement or super glue


  1. Cut your bracelet over your bead board so that they fall in a space where they won’t roll away.

  2. Cut your elastic about 20 inches.

  3. Thread the elastic through the bead needle making sure that the tails match (even length through the needle)

  4. Arrange your beads into the desired pattern.

  5. Start stringing your beads. You can either pinch the end of the elastic with your fingers to keep the beads from falling off, or place a piece of tape at the end.

  6. When you are finished stringing, cut the elastic string off of the needle, then tie ends in a knot. Repeat that knot on the “under side” of the bracelet. Watch the tension! You want to make sure not to have the elastic pulled so tightly that there is no “give,” but you also want the bracelet to not be so loose that you can see elastic through the beads.

  7. Dab a bit of glue on the knot.

  8. Gently pull the knot through the hole of a bead to hide the knot.

  9. Cut tails close to the knot, but avoid cutting into the knot itself.

  10. Voilá! You have fixed your bracelet!

So, now you have fixed your bracelet! And, now that you know how to string a stretch bracelet, and since you’ll have leftover stringing materials, you can pick up some beads from your favorite craft show and make more bracelets for your own jewelry collection as well as make some fabulous gifts for friends and family!

Happy Creating!



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