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Fluorite Pixiu and Golden Obsidian Stretch Bracelet

Fluorite Pixiu and Golden Obsidian Stretch Bracelet


Natural fluorite Pixiu with golden obsidian and sterling silver accents. According to the principles of Feng Shui, wear Pixiu on your left wrist to attract good fortune and wealth. If you are feeling charitable, wear her on your right wrist.

Gender neutral. Stretch Bracelet.

Pixiu is a mythical creature originating from the Han Dynasty. These are females, called Bíxié, and are identified by their antlers (males have one antler). A hybrid dragon and lion, she is very protective of her owner’s spirit and well-being. Feeding on precious metals and jewels, she is said to attract wealth to her wearer. She is compatible with all signs of the zodiac, but is especially close to the Dragon, with whom she is a cousin. So, if you were born under the Dragon’s sign, she may show you a bit of favoritism.

Also, she’s an adorable creature, and one of my absolute favorites!

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