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Skin Care in Your Kitchen!

Skin Care in Your Kitchen!

Everyone loves soft, healthy skin. And sure, it’s nice to treat yourself to some lovely luxury skin care products. But, why not make a few simple concoctions at home? Here’s a few of my personal favorite recipes that are super-easy to make!

Don’t cry over spoiled milk!

Okay, so we’ve all had milk go a little beyond the “sell by” date and are hesitant to drink it. If it passes the sniff test (doesn’t smell sour) and is not more than a week beyond the sell-by date, pour that milk into a nice hot bath and have a relaxing soak! You’ll notice that the lactic acid makes your skin super soft when you towel off. Toss in a couple of chamomile tea bags for a calming aroma and added anti-oxidants. For a little extra scent, a cap-full of vanilla extract makes for a relaxing personal spa experience!

Sugar Sugar!

If you need a little exfoliation, just add sugar! Add about a tablespoon of granulated white sugar to your favorite body wash to exfoliate while you shower. Or, for an exfoliating moisturizer, combine about four tablespoons of sugar to two tablespoons of oil (olive oil, canola oil, rice bran oil…whatever you have on-hand in your kitchen). You can add various aromatic herbs or cut open a chamomile tea bag to add to your mixture. Or, add a splash of vanilla extract and a dash of honey! Just remember, when you use a moisturizing sugar scrub in the bath or shower, this is incredibly slippery. It’s safest to stand on a towel if your shower does not have safety grips.

Fabulous Fruit!

So, maybe a few of the grapes have gone soft. Same for those last couple of strawberries. Did you know that you can crush them to make a fresh masque for your face? Crushed grapes have many skin-loving properties, including being anti-inflammatory (for an acne outbreak), are skin-tightening, and are packed full of antioxidants to help keep the skin looking young. Strawberries are mildly acidic, and are beneficial as a light peel (which, over time can help to fade mild acne scars) as well as being exfoliating.

So, enjoy a nice, healthy snack or meal, but don’t fret if a few of your favorite foods have gone a bit past peak freshness. Your skin will love them! And those sugar scrubs…your skin will glow gorgeously!

And most of all, HAVE FUN!

Happy Creating,


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