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Ring In the Holidays!

With a few simple supplies, you can create fun, festive napkin rings and/or wine glass charms! Total project time: about 1 minute per bell.

Let's get started.

You will need some colorful *jingle bells.

Thin yarn or twist ties

That's it!

*Jingle bells and twist ties are delightfully inexpensive, come in a variety of colors, and are available at all craft stores. If you want to spend more time on this project, you can pick up some enamel paints, glitter paint, etc. and custom paint each bell.

Take the bell and string it on your yarn or twist tie. If the bell is on a string, tie a small knot on the bail to keep the bell in place. *Pro tip: if your yarn frays a little bit, drag the stringing end across a candle or a bar of soap a couple of times. The wax or soap will bind the ends into a point, and your yarn will not fray while being strung!

For Napkin Rings:

Simply tie the bell around the napkin for a touch of whimsy! If your party is more formal, tuck a name card under the bell.

For wine glass charms, tie either a bell with a twist tie or string around the stem of the glass for a secure fit. Give each guest a unique bell so he/she knows which glass is his/hers. If you have more guests than colors of bells, add a name-tag! Leftover wrapping paper cut into small tags make super-festive name-tags.

For just a few dollars and a few minutes, you can add a touch of whimsical magic to your holiday parties!

Happy Holidays!!!

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